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qyuuqs News strives to provide monthly communication to the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, near and far. It is committed to serving as an apolitical forum for SITC governing officials and all community members. The newspaper is not intended to reflect the official position of the governing body of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, but rather reflects the ideas, events, and thoughts of individual community members and tribal staff. As such, the Swinomish Tribe makes no claim as to the accuracy or content of any of the articles contained therein.


The first issue of "The Seagull" was published in 1966. Later that year, a few of the elders who helped produce the paper titled it "Kee Yoks," the phonetic spelling for seagull in Lushootseed, which mimics the sound of seagulls. It had been published irregularly by a number of individuals until 1999, when it became a regular monthly feature. In 2012, the publication's title changed again to "qyuuqs News," to reflect the traditional Lushootseed spelling for seagull.



Elections: Position letters will be accepted only from SITC Election Committee and will not be edited or altered in any way by the Kee Yoks. Direct submissions from candidates are not accepted.
Photos: photo credit will be given whenever possible. If printed photos are submitted to the Kee Yoks, they will be scanned and returned provided a name and address are included with the photos.
Articles: The views held by the author are not necessarily those of the Kee Yoks.

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