Health & Wellness

Medical Clinic

The Swinomish Medical Clinic is available to serve all enrolled Native American's from federally recognized tribes. The Clinic offers a full spectrum of Family Practice care for all ages from infants to elders. The Clinic treats many acute and chronic medical problems.

Dental Clinic

The Swinomish Dental Clinic provides a range of dental services to paitients that include cleanings, fillings, crowns, and dentures.

Behavioral Health

Swinomish Behavioral Health provides individual therapy and psychiatric services to promote mental health wellness for adults and youth within the Swinomish Community.  Psychiatric medication assessment and monitoring is available for adults.

Wellness Program

Founded in 1977 by Joe Dunn, the Wellness Program is a Washington State Certified Chemical Dependency Provider outpatient treatment facility.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center provides a variety of equipment for a full body workout that includes cardio machines, free weights, universal gym, Smith machine and fitness DVDs. The Fitness coordinator can work with you to design a program fitted to your needs. Various fitness programs are offered throughout the year.

Health & Wellness