MAY 22, 2024:


NO MORE THAN FIVE HUNDRED (500) pounds per vessel may be landed within a single calendar day, per vessel. Fish may not be held across multiple days. Any fish caught during one calendar day must be landed before pursuing the next day's landing limit. Any portion of landed catch (up to 100 pounds) that exceeds the landing limit must be delivered to the tribe for ceremonial purposes.

PERMITS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS FISHERY. Please call, text or stop by your Fisheries Office for your permit.

LOG BOOKS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS FISHERY. Logs can be picked up at the Fisheries Office or from Enforcement - during normal business hours

FISH CATCH TICKETS AND HALIBUT LOGBOOKS ARE REQUIRED AND MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE SWINOMISH FISHERIES OFFICE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE FISHERY CLOSE. Text pictures of your catch tickets and logbooks to 360-391-2494 or email pictures of catch tickets and logbooks to bdean@swinomish.nsn.us